Situated in the Alblasserwaard in South-Holland. The oldest document is a permission of the Bishop of Utrecht to built a church in Goudriaan. This document dated 1260. So in 2010 Goudriaan exists 750 years, which will be celebrated with many festivities. In the begin of the 13th century they started in the polder of Goudriaan to level the swamp area and grave the many drainage ditches, this all with a shovel!! The innumerable ditches are still located in Goudriaan and nearby villages and are mostly used as pasture for cows and sheep.

The name:
“Het Groene Wout” (The Green Wood) comes from the Middle Ages. In papers from 1930 is registered that these lands behind our farm were called Het Groene Wout, probably because of the great quantity of timber and osier.
Each piece of land received a name because they had no official registers. So when it was sold they indicate the location in the polder plus the oldest name of the piece of land.
Since 1812 is this land in the family position and has always been used as dairy farm. Two years ago they stopped the production because there was no successor. So we started thinking about a new destination for the farm so it could stay in the family.
We bought the stable part and the big hayloft from the parents of Gerda, which live in the front part of the farm. We are the 8th generation living in this farm since 1812.

This farm was built in 1931 substituting the old one. Because there had never been changes on the ouside of the house is has been added to the monument list of the community Graafstroom. When we started to build the Bed & Breakfast there were many terms we had to follow to not loose the characteristic state of the house/farm. We believe we succeed in this and are very happy with the results.

We invite you to come visit this unique building and be our guest to enjoy of the peace and agrarian atmosphere that you still can find here.