Goudriaan is a central localized little village. Here you can see the nearby cities that are worth a visit. (Accessible by car/bus/train/bike)

  • Rotterdam (30 minutes)
  • Utrecht (30 mintues)
  • Nieuwpoort - Fortress city (10 minutes, by bike 30minutes)
  • Gorinchem - Trade city (20 minutes, by bike 45 mintues)
  • Schoonhoven - Silver city (20 minutes, by bike 45 minutes)
  • Leerdam - Glass city (30 minutes)


World famous village because of it’s windmills. It is possible to make a roundtrip and visit some windmills on the inside. For more info check on the site: www.kinderdijk.nl

Streekcentrum Liesveldt (Ooievaarsdorp)
A very special location nearby Goudriaan. You can visit the first area of protection of white storks in the Netherlands.  This become a real attraction in the past years.

For more information visit the site:

Slingelandse plassen
On walking distance you will find the Slingeland natural pools. An area for lovers of sunbathing, fishing and nature.

Zouwe Boezem, Ameide
This is a nature reserve for cane and swamp birds. It is considerate one of the most special protection zones in Europe. It is located nearby the city Ameide. It exists mainly of cane lands.

For more info visit the site:

Many different walk and cycle tracks.

For description check on the site: www.vvvzhz.nl

City walk tracks:

Nieuwpoort, Leerdam en Gorinchem

Nature tracks:

  • Ameide (6 km)
  • Bleskensgraaf (13 km)
  • Giessenburg (8 km)
  • Gorinchem (9 km)
  • Groot – Ammers (9,5 km)
  • Meerkerk ( 5,5 km)

Different single tracks:

  • Graafstroompad (35 km)
  • Ooievaarspad (16 km)


  • Lek en Lingeroute (ANWB)